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What Does The GDPR Mean For You As A Consumer?

What Does The GDPR Mean For You As A Consumer?

DumbFunded take a look at GDPR and what it means for you.

If you work in a business that processes any sort of data, you might have heard about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. Think of it as a sort of beefed up Data Protection Act that works for all EU citizens and British subjects (yes, even after Brexit).

We’re currently all trying to catch up with the internet – billions of bits of your data is pinging around online, being collected and processed by hundreds of companies at a size and speed that has massively outpaced data protection laws across the globe. What we’re currently seeing from many corners is a redressing of the balance between you and your data and the companies that collect and process it.

That’s why you’ll be able to link up a third-party app with your bank account to better manage your budget. It gives you control over your data. And the GDPR is another part of that movement.

But what does all that really mean at ground level?

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