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Ripple Coinbase Petition Hits 22k Signatures

Ripple Coinbase Petition Hits 22k Signatures

A petition on the website for Coinbase to list XRP has pushed past 22k signatures and is quickly closing in on its 25k target.

You can find the petition on here.

The petition actually appears to have been created some months ago, but has recently surged in popularity, most likely due to promotion on reddit and social media.

There have been various other petitions and pleas in the past to list XRP on Coinbase – up until now there has been no concrete indication that XRP will be listed, though Coinbase are reportedly planning to add more currencies in the future.

The last couple of weeks haven’t been great for Coinbase, following the furore over thousands of users being hit with phantom payments due to a Visa slip-up.

Update 26th February: the petition is currently on 25,300 signatures and has set a new goal of 35,000.

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