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UK Could Be Offered ‘Privileged’ Single Market Access Post Brexit

UK Could Be Offered ‘Privileged’ Single Market Access Post Brexit
According to an article in Business Insider, the European Parliament could be about to offer Britain ‘privileged’ single market access after Brexit.

The European Parliament is putting together a 60-paragraph document outlining its desire for an “association agreement” with post-Brexit Britain, in a break from the position of the chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

The European Parliament is pushing for a future relationship with the United Kingdom which could allow for Britain to retain “privileged” access to the single market.

This marks a divergence from the position taken by the EU’s negotiating team, which has instead suggested that Theresa May’s negotiating red lines mean Britain may only have access to a Canada-style free trade deal.

One source familiar with the European Parliament’s activities told Business Insider it wants to “steal a march” on the other EU institutions by adopting the resolution prior to the EU27 signing off its negotiating guidelines for talks on the future relationship.

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