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UK Could Be Offered ‘Privileged’ Single Market Access Post Brexit

UK Could Be Offered ‘Privileged’ Single Market Access Post Brexit
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According to an article in Business Insider, the European Parliament could be about to offer Britain ‘privileged’ single market access after Brexit.

The European Parliament is putting together a 60-paragraph document outlining its desire for an “association agreement” with post-Brexit Britain, in a break from the position of the chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

The European Parliament is pushing for a future relationship with the United Kingdom which could allow for Britain to retain “privileged” access to the single market.

This marks a divergence from the position taken by the EU’s negotiating team, which has instead suggested that Theresa May’s negotiating red lines mean Britain may only have access to a Canada-style free trade deal.

One source familiar with the European Parliament’s activities told Business Insider it wants to “steal a march” on the other EU institutions by adopting the resolution prior to the EU27 signing off its negotiating guidelines for talks on the future relationship.

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