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Revolut Breaks Even For First Time After Adding Crypto

Revolut Breaks Even For First Time After Adding Crypto

UK startup Revolut have broken even for the first time ever following a strong upsurge in users and the addition of crypto.

Revolut announced that they broke even for the first time ever in December 2017.

Revolut has been highly popular with cryptocurrency traders and recently added the ability to hold crypto after partnering with BitStamp.

The service added half a million new customers in the last two months alone, increasing their total user-base by 50% to 1.5 million.

I’m very happy for this team. They are doing amazing work at the moment and are the best way to cash out your money from exchanges if you’re in the UK. – BlokChainzDaRapper @ r/CryptoCurrency

The Independent described Revolut as ‘the first of a new breed of digital banks in Britain to break even’.

The service currently only lists three coins: bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium, and the crypto offering is only available to premium users and those who have managed to invite three or more people.

The service has also received some criticism as users are not able to withdraw cryptocurrency externally out of the system, though it is possible to both buy and sell cryptocurrency using the platform.

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