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Author: Colin

How To Spot a Twitter Crypto Scam

If you use Twitter to catch up on crypto news you will have almost certainly seen a crypto scam that has been getting out of hand recently. Fake accounts that copy the profile image and username of popular crypto Twitter users promise that if you send them Ethereum they will send you more back in return. Other fake users will reply that they have received the crypto and how thankful they are. Do not fall for this scam. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you come across this scam make sure to report the users,...

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To Celebrate 1.5 Million Users Revolut Offer All New Customers Can Order Their First Card Free

Get it whilst you can – to celebrate hitting 1.5 million users Revolut are giving all new users the chance to get their first physical card for free. We covered Revolut’s milestone previously. Now you have until Friday the 9th of March to claim your card. We just tested the offer and were able to order a card within a few minutes. The only slight unexpected cost is for delivery – which costs £5 for standard delivery – or free if you have a premium account. 🎁 To celebrate hitting 1.5M users, all new Revolut customers can order their...

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Revolut Breaks Even For First Time After Adding Crypto

UK startup Revolut have broken even for the first time ever following a strong upsurge in users and the addition of crypto. Revolut announced that they broke even for the first time ever in December 2017. Revolut has been highly popular with cryptocurrency traders and recently added the ability to hold crypto after partnering with BitStamp. The service added half a million new customers in the last two months alone, increasing their total user-base by 50% to 1.5 million. I’m very happy for this team. They are doing amazing work at the moment and are the best way to...

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Ripple Coinbase Petition Hits 22k Signatures

A petition on the website for Coinbase to list XRP has pushed past 22k signatures and is quickly closing in on its 25k target. You can find the petition on here. The petition actually appears to have been created some months ago, but has recently surged in popularity, most likely due to promotion on reddit and social media. There have been various other petitions and pleas in the past to list XRP on Coinbase – up until now there has been no concrete indication that XRP will be listed, though Coinbase are reportedly planning to add more...

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Is Financial Insecurity The ‘New Normal’?

Broke. Skint. Brassic. Bust. Insolvent. Whatever you call it, it’s official: Financial insecurity is the ‘new normal’ for many Britons. That’s according to a study carried out by the Royal Society of the Arts. Partnering with Populus, the RSA survey revealed that a staggering 30% of respondents declared that they couldn’t afford to get by, living in a state described by the report’s authors as ‘chronically broke.’ A further 40% claimed that their finances were constantly precarious – meaning they could go either way from month to month. At the other end of the spectrum, only 30% said they...

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